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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Simple DIY Skirt

I have been putting these DIY dresses from Pinterest on my to-do list and Friday I finally decided to take the plunge. I really wanted to make a maxi skirt, but I didn't have any long pieces of fabric I was willing to part with, in case this did not go well. I decided I could part with 1 yard of Amy Butler fabric if I could make as few cuts as possible (so it was still usable if I didn't like the skirt.)
I started by reading this tutorial from A Small Snippet on making a tank dress. 
Her instructions said to wrap the fabric around you 1 1/2 times. * I used this length, and honestly felt very puffy all day. I am a curvy size 6, and I like to accentuate my waist, but not at the expense of enhancing my butt and hips. Puffy is not my friend. If you don't need extra bulk around your mid section, I would recommend 1 1/4 or 1 width + 4" if you agree. 

I did not have much to give on the length, so I did a tiny 1/4" hem on the unfinished edge and used the factory sealed edge for the top. 

I chose to add elastic to the waist so to avoid turning over 2 inches I didn't have to spare, I sewed a ribbon on the top. You will sew it down on the top and bottom so you have a new tunnel for your elastic. You can also just fold over the top of the fabric if you have length to spare. 
Sew the two ends of your fabric together, face to face,  up to the edge of the ribbon,  making a big inside out tube-like skirt. (try it on to make sure it fits and you can sit in it- the top may be enormous. Measure your elastic about 4-6" smaller than your waist loose, but make sure if you stretch it, it touches. 
 Use a large safety pin attached to one end of the elastic to feed it through. Safety pin the two ends together, then try on your skirt. If it works, sew the elastic together, and hand stich up your open ribbon end. 
To add a sash, double the width of the sash and hem. then iron so the hem is in the middle of the back of the sash, tuck your ends in, and sew a line to hem the ends. If you fabric is too short for a sash, cut two or more pieces, sew them into a longer piece, then make a tube, hem, iron, and finish your ends the same way. 
The pieced sash works better tied in the front. If you want to tie your sash in the back, you will need a piece the is the width of your body, then sew and end on either side so your seems are on your hips. 
Here I am wearing my skirt Saturday with WD at his little brother's graduation party. 

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