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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank You, Mommie Pie

Dear Mommie Pie,
Thank you for teaching me to play by myself to build imagination.
Thank you for letting me be an only child so that I could experience the things I would not have been able to otherwise.
Thank you for teaching me how to make friends, so that every time I moved, I was always happy.
Thank you for making the church a vital part of my life, and always helping me to get involved.
Thank you for teaching me that people are all imperfect, so that I understand that when someone lets me down, it is a reminder that God will never let me down.
Thank you for letting me express my creativity.
Thank you for letting me paint my face like a clown with washable markers.
Thank you for scaring me so that I would avoid danger.
Thank you for letting me perform Ice Capades in the living room in my Barbie roller skates.
Thank you for letting me paint all my furniture different colors and patterns.
Thank you for letting me paint my room orange, and cover a whole wall in collage.
Thank you for believing me when I was called to go to Landmark, and for teaching me the valuable lesson of working for what you want.
Thank you for making me go to Auburn, so I could meet my WD.
Thank you for not letting me leave when I hated living here, because turns out I needed to learn how to live anywhere and enjoy it.
Thank you for making me study abroad, so that I would learn how to be a self sufficient problem solver ... and to figure out how much you mean to me. (And so WD would some day have a reason to strike up a conversation with me).
Thank you for standing up for me when I was being mistreated, but for never assuming I was blameless.
Thank you for not letting me become materialistic, or think that I was ever too good for discount shopping.
Thank you for always encouraging me to be true to who I am.
Thank you for thinking confidence and determination are good qualities, even when others do not.
Thank you for teaching me the difference between honest and outspoken (or trying at least).
Thank you for setting an example of how to be a good wife.
Thank you for showing me that fighting does not have to be a part of marriage, and that it is possible to be married to your best friend and still be excited to see them every day after 27 years.
I know I have not always made the decisions you wanted me to make, but thank you for encouraging me and teaching me the skills needed to make wise choices.
Thank you for being my best friend, who is always there for me, knows me better than anyone else, and is always there for an honest opinion.
I love you so much!
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