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Friday, July 20, 2012

Anthropologie Napkin Pillows

I wanted to share my guest post from my visit to Qualls Quirks on Wednesday... in case you missed it.  
I think most of you can agree that, although I cannot pass up an opportunity to pop in an Anthropologie store, I rarely find anything I can afford. Sometimes I even get so excited when I find something that is under $20, that all of the sudden it becomes completely reasonable, in comparison, to spend $20 on measuring spoons or a dish towel. I call this the Anthropologie affect - I love EVERYTHING in the store and just want to take SOMETHING home with me. Almost EVERY one I style for says "I want it to be sort of Anthropologie-ish," so I know I am not alone on this. Well, if you have been nodding along then this DIY project is for YOU! 
 I fell in love with these watercolor, Anthropologie napkins ($8 ea), but they were too fantastic for people to wipe their spaghetti faces on - so I decided they needed to become throw pillows. (Check the clearance section, you might snag some that make you swoon for less.) 
I picked up two of each napkin for a total of 4.
I decided to put one of each pattern on each pillow. 
(You could also just use a solid color fabric on the back to save money and make 4 pillows.) 
Each napkin was around a 20" square, so I bought 20 x 20 pillow inserts at Ikea for $3. 
I loved the ric-rac edges, so I whip stitched the edges to bring that out. Whip stitching is the easiest stitch in my opinion because it resembles the craft stitching I did as a child. You do NOT have to "know how to sew" to make these pillows... please don't quit on me yet! 
The exposed seam is created by pushing your needle in the right side, then out the left side every time. You scoot your next stitch down a bit, in right, out left, scoot, in right, out left.... and the angled, repeating line is created.
SO cute and for only $19 each! Definately a steal compared to the usual $100-300 throw pillows from Anthropologie. And a much bigger bang for my $20, than measuring spoons. 
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