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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Select a Stylish Recliner

Stylish Recliner!? I know, I know! Recliners are the Crocs of the furniture world. Most are purchased by people who think they have to sacrifice style for comfort. Now I don't personally think a recliner is SO much more comfortable than a good chair with an ottoman, but WD is a pro-recliner advocate. So, I had to do some digging to find a recliner that I didn't have to make excuses for and he was comfortable in.  
So I put together a few tips to help if you have to add a recliner to your decor. I mean isn't marriage all about compromises?

1. If you don't rock a muffin top, don't let your furniture rock one either.  (via)

These frumpy recliners, made popular in the 80s & 90s need some Spanx. 
2. Go with Fabric or REAL leather. 
If you budget does not permit real leather, just select a fabric you like. If you like the look of leather - save up for the real deal! If will look better the longer you have it as it softens and ages.
 via, via , via

3. Pick a stealthy recliner. 
1-4 via, 5 via
These stealthy recliners just look like chairs, then out of no-where- POW!- they recline! 
(We own the one on the top right)

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