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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Serenbe is a serene escape just outside of Atlanta. It was developed as an environmentally conscious, sustainable community. Everytime I drive in I feel like I am entering a movie set for the 'All American Town'. This rural retreat from the city feels like kids could safely play outdoors, neighbors talk on porches, and you can all contribute to a better community. It is also the site of the HGTV Green Home 2012, which sadly I did not win
We ate a delicious lunch at the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop, winners on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars."
The Blue Eyed Daisy is styled like a rustic, industrial, general store. The food is GREAT too.
After lunch, we drove through to look at the varied, and amazing architecture. There are beachy, modern, rustic, modern, and farm houses all living in harmony in this little community (which is still only the size of a neighborhood.) It feels so whimsical to imagine living here. 
This is downtown living, where townhouses are adjacent to restaurants and boutiques, many of which have condos above. 
 I love the detail on the shudders of this house. It just looks so historical. Can you tell that the roof is wooden shingles? Amazing! It is next door to this house.
 So modern- quite a contrast!
 I love the tongue and groove ceilings (probably reclaimed) of this farmhouse.Who can resist a white picket fence? Now there was some weird "wild grass/flower" thing going on in the yards... I'm not sure what that is about... 
 Oh and check out the amazing street lamps!
 This home has the word PEACE decorating it's upstairs porch. What style!
Then we drove by this enormous Victorian, and there was a sign that said Open... and it was!
 No real estate agents or tour guides, just walk through and enjoy. 
  Of course I have always wanted to see inside one of these homes, and the details are just as amazing as I imagined. This is the library with beadboard built ins, and a coffered ceiling. Even the molding on the windows, and the doors are fabulous! I had to stop myself from taking pictures of ever faucet and light fixture.
 This is the GRAND foyer. Check out the amazing reclaimed hardwoods. They are all different sizes, and looked oil rubbed instead of the traditional shiny finish.
 I took this shot from the 4th floor and I was sweating, my heart was racing, and my hands were shaking.... too high for me. If you will notice this custom light extends from the basement level to the ceiling of the fourth floor and has an identical pendant on each floor. 
How cute is the gingerbread railing on the second floor balcony/ porch.
We also toured the Bosch Net Zero House- tune in tomorrow for the tour. 
This is not a sponsored post, but for more information on Serenbe or the Blue Eyed Daisy.

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