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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Add style to UGLY stuff...Tuesday Tutorial

]If you have a cat, or a mom with a cat, you probably have a few of these floating around your house... oh no? Is that just me... well, if you stumble across a big kitty litter bucket, you might want to hold onto it because they are infinitely useful.
But, they are unfortunately quite conspicuous and void of style. The label is printed on, so although I could probably use some harsh chemical to dissolve the ink, I'd rather just cover it.

I've collected a mini hoard of (adhesive) shelf paper from TJMaxxes in the last year, but I knew I wanted to save them for a really special project. First measure the areas you want to cover, and cut out corresponding pieces. 
Peel one side and smooth downward while removing the back side of the paper slowly. 
You can use a ruler to help smooth out the bubbles, just make sure it has a soft side so as not to scratch the paper.
Yay! Repeat on all sides.
Feel free to cover up those ugly numbers too. 

What about those ugly plastic drawers that used to be under your bed in college? SO much better with the clutter camouflaged.
Here are a few other ideas borrowed from Pinterest on using shelf paper to add style. I love it behind these shelves instead of just on them. 
Or on the glass cabinets that you wish weren't transparent. On dresser drawers, or a light switch. 
Even if you can't find the cutesy stuff, the wood veneer kind is readily available. I LOVE the inlayed look created on this filing cabinet. Very modern and playful!

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