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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ikea Hack: Closet System to Room Divider

So in my original plan for the basement, I planned to hand suspended curtain rods from the ceiling to create a visual wall to cover the storage area. Unfortunately we couldn't find a stud, and supporting a wall of curtains is too much to ask from drywall alone. 
During a trip to Ikea last weekend i stumbled upon the perfect solution!
Stolmen is a closet system where poles are suspended between the ceiling and the floor, and many combinations of poles, drawers, or shelves can be added to customize your space. 
So for my particular needs I just needed a few poles, the joint brackets, and the clothes rails to hang as high as possible. 
I attached the curtains to shower curtain rings from the dollar store on the back. 
If the clothes poles from Ikea are the wrong size for your space, you can use a wooden dowel cut to size with an L bracket screwed to each end.

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