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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Retro Chair Rehab

I have been on the hunt for an amazing desk chair since we put that awesome green one in this room. I wanted to replace the plain ol' black one. Friday, I snatched this one up for $20!
Look at those lines- quick someone get me a typewriter, a steno pad, and one of those pen necklaces Joan wears.
Here it is when we came home. This yellow & orange tweed was a little worse for it's wear, and I was pretty sure there was no foam in the seat. 
So I deconstructed the chair. Removed screws and fabric. Under the back rest, was a beautiful, pristine leather. Under the seat, the upholstery was taped on, and the seat was coated in really old, dry rotted, nasty, foam powder. I scraped it off outside with a mask on (just in case it was toxic). Then I added foam to the back rest and two pieces to the seat. 
Then it got a layer of the awesome orange herringbone fabric. 
It pretty much has made my weekend, I just know I will love it forever!!

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