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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stop By and Stay a While

So we have had another guest room, but it seems when we have guests we either have more than two, or a pair that isn't used to the confines of a queen sized bed. So we decided to add another guest room for our friends and family!! So stop by, and stay a while!!
We moved most of the studio stuff down to the basement, but I didn't want to move my desk downstairs because I need to be able to access my computer anytime. Plus right now, I am sitting on the daybed watching Dick Van Dyke on Netflix!
Oh and here is the retro chair!!!
Living in happy harmony with the girl lamp!
The daybed is actually a full sized bed, turned sideways, with a king sized headboard we snagged for $30! (did you know a King size bed is the same width as a twin or full sized bed?) This is a great trick for odd shaped rooms, or when you don't want your furniture to feel all crammed in the corners. 

Oh, and if you didn't remember what it looked like before when it was the studio/ dressing room....
Just a few small changes, but the space is ready for guests. 
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