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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Craft FAIL: don't make this mistake!

This post is to let you know we ALL make dumb mistakes. 
So, I stumbled upon some brass pieces at the thrift store this week, and thought the middle piece looked like a cauldron, and would make a very cute black glitter cauldron.  So I spray primed it, and proceeded to mix the perfect glitter concoction. 
 When you are glittering something, if you mix the glitter in with the mod podge/ glue it wont flake off all over your house. 
So i mixed equal parts glitter and mod podge to get it nice that thick. 
Then proceeded to paint the glitter onto the primed cauldron....
"OH, DUMB!!"
I should have painted the cauldron black first.  
So now I have a cookies and cream cauldron.... FAIL 

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