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Monday, November 26, 2012

Special Gift Wrapping: On the Cheap!

Every year I try to wrap my gifts in a unique, handcrafted way. I also want the wrapping to be consistent like a signature wrapping style. 
First I wrap all my gifts in brown kraft paper. It is super thick and delightfully inexpensive. Of course you can purchase it in a shipping store, or you can purchase ("brown builders paper") online or in the paint section at a hardware store like Home Depot- $10.97 for 35" x 140'- (most wrapping paper rolls are 30" x  5' or 10'.) 
HD also sells red and green "masking" paper, which looks like a red or green kraft paper. 
I purchased 4 skeins of yarn when it was on sale for $1 each. 
 You can add a yarn pom pom for a bow if you desire. They are super easy to make. 
1. Wrap the yarn around your hand about a million times. 
2. Tie another piece of yarn tightly around the center of the loop. (You can tie it through the center of the loop to make a giant pom pom, but you will need to wrap the yarn 2 million times.)
3. Cut through the loops on either side.
4. Then give it a haircut to make it a nice, neat, tight, little ball of poof. 
And simply tie it or tape it on.
You could also just haphazardly wrap the yarn all over the package.
Or in neat lines or zig-zags. 
The pom-poms can also double as a bookmark if the yarn is cut to leave a tail. 

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