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Friday, November 30, 2012

Wreath Hanging: Short Cut

 I use command hooks!
 Granted I don't have to get on a ladder, but it literally takes about 2 minutes to hang these four. 
I left the hooks on my porch up last year, just to see how durable they were, and they lasted all year! The white hooks are of course less noticeable if  you want to leave them up year round, but the green ones photographed better. You could also just remove the hook part and leave the little clear piece, for an even more discreet look- just remember where you store the hooks.
For a long wreath and bow life, you should always leave your wreaths hanging not stacked, so I hammered some nails in the roof joists of my attic and they hang all fluffy in a nice row until I need them again.
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