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Monday, December 3, 2012

Kitschy Christmas- revisited

this is a repost from last year, because I am not sure I am going to have the energy this year to decorate as hard core as I did last year... just wait till baby's first Christmas! I will make up for it next year I promise!

There are a lot of special and sentimental items in this room. The aluminum tree was my great grandmother's. I have the color wheel too, but it makes me very nervous- fire hazard.
The blow mold Santa reminds me of my favorite Christmas decorations as a child. My Nana and Papaw had Santa's Sleigh and the reindeer on their roof when I was very small, later on they only made it to the yard, and then when they moved, SOMEONE threw them away! rude!
I have spent every Christmas Eve and Night at my Nana and Pappaw's, so all this memories are very special to me. Many of my other decorations were gifts from loved ones attics.... often with a "seriously, you want this?"
I made my tree skirt last year. WD thinks I made the angel look like me... maybe I did.
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