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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evolution of the nursery, part 1. The Crib

From the time we started thinking about having a baby, I started dreaming of nurseries.
I knew the centerpiece of my nursery would be the crib- It would be the most pivotal style element, and I wanted it to be mid-century modern, like so much of my furniture is. So when you google "mid- century crib," DwellStudio's MidCentury Crib pops up- and it was LOVE at first sight. 
And then I saw the price tag... and my heart sank. I knew forking over $980 + 10% sales tax would be really irresponsible. WD and I started saving to have a baby the year before. We saved enough to finish our basement and furnish a nursery and buy any baby essentials we didn't receive as gifts. 
So I put it out of my mind and continued on my search for the second best crib.

Young America, Ouef, Ikea
I had it narrowed down to these three choices. but before I made a major purchase like this, I would need to see them in person. If I didn't fall in love, I might as well buy the ikea crib and just paint it a crazy color and save a lot of money. 

I found a boutique called Seed Factory in Atlanta that carried Ouef cribs and headed over to their blog and I see this:
My heart started racing, I picked up the phone, trying to play it cool (after all the Robin crib would probably still be the more fiscally responsible choice and they may only be like 5% off) and called to see how much the Century Crib & Robin Crib would be on sale for and how many they had in stock. 
1 DwellStudio crib in white, 1 in espresso, and 1 in natural at 40% off. 
40% OFF!!
January 19th was two days away and I had to work, so I called my mom in a panic to see if maybe she would be willing to drive downtown, in an ice storm, to buy my dream crib for me. 
Because she loves me, and could probably hear the uncontrollable delight and panic that someone might snag the cribs before I could come into town (because SURELY with a deal like this, it might be like the running of the cribs with pregnant ladies camping out and and getting into a hair pulling brawl over this deal,) she agreed to brave the weather for me and secured my dream crib!
WD was at a wrestling tournament that weekend, so I donated the extra guest bed, and cleaned the nursery. 
The crib sealed the deal on the theme: Retro travel & toys in bright colors.

I was so proud when WD finished building it on the following Monday night! I used pillows covered in fabric to fake the look of a mattress until we could get ours. 
(and compared to other crib assembly horror stories, this crib was a piece of cake to assemble. It is literally 7 pieces- 4 sides, 2 leg pieces, and the mattress support.)
It still makes me happy every time I see it. 

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