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Monday, October 7, 2013

Add a little color, it may change how you feel.

When we bought our house, the whole thing was painted this yellowy beige we not-so-lovingly called "nicotine stain." Knowing how much color affects people,  WD and I realized how much more we loved our house when we're in the re-painted rooms so we had to get serious about adding some color again. 
Every morning, I was getting ready in this blah space, and looking at myself in the mirror while the nicotine stain reflected on my skin. 
Luckily the bones of my bathroom are good. I love my giant cabinets and I may have one of the only bathrooms to come out of 1967 that has white tile. Unfortunately the clean, white tile made the walls look even dingier (and for the record, if this bathroom had been pink, it would have been love at first sight.)
Not only is this my bathroom, but it's also the hall bath our guests use.
"Welcome to my lovely home I lovingly currated. If you need to wash your hands feel free to stop at the creepy campground public restroom down the hall." 
 So one Friday afternoon, while WD was at the football game and Yogi was napping, I decided to throw some paint on these walls... and cabinets. 
The best kind of painting project is a free one, so I grabbed the leftover paint from my kitchen and finished in two hours!
It has totally changed the way I feel when I'm getting ready. I feel so happy and pretty in here now!
TIP: Always paint your bathroom a color you look good in (so you look good in there.) Unless you have amazing natural light, avoid dark colors. You don't want to come out looking like you are 12 and don't know how much makeup is too much.  
 I'm hoping to stumble upon a great deal on the birds or accent flowers that go with the dogwood above the towels, to put on this blank wall.
Turquoise cabinents aren't for everyone, but I wasn't nervous about
 painting the cabinets such a bright color because 1. I LOVE this color, and 2. they were already that awful nicotine stain color too, so before we ever thought of moving, we would have to re-paint them any way. 
If you want to take a risk in your house, do it with paint.  Worse case scenario- you paint over it. 
It's just paint people, it grows back...  Oh wait that's hair. 
I would still like to add some shelf liner inside the cabinets. Either the blue quatrefoil or the white and gold bamboo chinoiserie from my collection.
(Doesn't the tile look so bright now?)

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