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Friday, November 15, 2013

Nursery Reveal!

Sorry about the weirdness that is a panoramic iphoto, but it helps to get  a better feel for how the room is set up.

Hello crib, my love. This is also the best shot of our crazy Ikea retro light. 
It only casts light in the middle of the room, but we use lamps, and it's kind of nice because I can turn it on and it doesn't bother him while he's sleeping.
The awesome orange gifted dresser, salvaged from storage wars- Alabama, inspired by Tori Spelling's orange and turquoise nursery. A great place to pop color is on a piece of thrifted furniture. 
Some family photos, a vintage game, and some of my art. 
My childhood bestie made me this paper banner for my shower, and I love it on his wall!
You can also see the two tones effect on the top of the dresser here. I decoupaged two different shades of orange tissue paper, since neither matched exactly. 
(the clock is on the floor so I can see it when I'm nursing, but it doesn't have to be an integral part of the decor, because it's not cute, but we already had it.)
These large frames hold pieces of fabric, not posters. The fabric is from the same collection as the orange and green.

 Most of the vintage toys went up high, the rest will soon!
Most of these toys and treasures are from family members, which is super special!!

 My book collection, from my childhood.
I re-purposed the classic glider from my nursery by adding foam and upholstering over the wood. I wanted it to have more retro lines. I couldn't do any permanent adaptations, so the cover does move some, but it is MUCH more comfortable now, which is important since I've spent many an hour in it already. 
Oh and I documented the whole process, but lost the photos when my phone went through the washing machine cycle. here is a similar tutorial from blue house joys- with a better, more complex cover. If you are going to attempt this project, don't wait until the 9th month- your giant belly will be all in your way.
I made all my own bedding, which gives the room a very personal touch. My boppy cover is the Primary Puppy too, because I LOVE it!

I made these cornices from foam project boards my husband collected after a project in his class. Yay free and green! I just pinned the fabric on so that I could reuse the fabric later if I wanted to.
In case you missed it, here are part 1 and part 2 of the nursery evolution!
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