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Monday, September 26, 2011

My Kitschy Kitch

I loved this house long before my husband and I ever started looking to buy. See, I had a friend from college who used to live in this house. When it was on the market as we began hunting, I knew it was a sign. I had always dreamed of living in a 1960s ranch....preferably in the 1960's.... but that part I could do nothing about. I saw character, and a home built with respect for a dining room- I was sold before we even stepped foot inside. 
WD- not so much. 
 He saw the same pine cabinets his great grandmother had- and original appliances, and begged for something new and boring.  
 This house had so much potential though, and after all they had already painted the panelling in the kitchen! 
Style Board for my Kitchen
And the transformation begins....

 My wonderful mommy painted the cabinets white, and when we went to clean the hardware to spray paint it, we figured out they were originally copper. 

WD still cringes at the appliances, but agrees at least they work with the color scheme. I on the other hand want to cry a little at the through of taking them out now... me + apron + this kitchen= all my daydreams coming true!

Oh and another favorite thing: My Pantry! LOVE LOVE LOVE my aqua pantry!!
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