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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day: Guest Post from my Mommie Pie

From My Mom to You:

A stroll down memory lane -
I found one of Ashley's old sketchbook while cleaning out a dresser. I
studied the pictures on each page. The memories came flooding back of
the happy little girl who always loved a colored pencil and a piece
of paper. Oh, and lots and lots of glitter! When she was little, she
loved little pads of paper that she filled up with all sorts of drawings
and scribbling. She would flip her pad open and “take your order” – I
guess we spent just a little too much time eating out. She puff painted,
glitter painted and just painted anything that would stand still long
enough. Run and hide, Chippy (our little dog), or she will paint you! It’s
no wonder she would become an artist, or that she would see her world
in full and living color! And sparkle…
The little book took me back to the day we knew she would be coming into the world. I had no idea what these two crazy gene pools would yield. What I did know was we fell in love with the little heartbeat we
heard; the one that could capture our hearts forever. And I was going to become a Mother. Yikes!

Take advice, a lot of advice -
I had a great example of excellent Motherhood from my Mammaw, my Nannie, and my Mother. All three were warm, giving and forgiving Mothers who unconditionally loved, and were guided by their great faith in Jesus Christ. They gave me a target to shoot for and some direction, as well as gentle advice to keep me out of the weeds (well, they could only do so much).

Throughout Ashley’s life, I made a lot of mistakes and had to offer even more apologies for my ineptness. Frankly, I wasn’t that little girl who dreamed of being a Mother. I had not concentrated on all the things I would or wouldn’t do ‘when I had my own kids.’ I did dream of being many things, but never someone’s Mommie Pie. I had no idea how that role would forever change my heart and bring me the most
beautiful gifts of love and joy.

Directions Not Included –
That’s what every birth certificate should state. I admit I was not proficient in handling a child created with the genes of the two of us. She and I were always a work in progress. I took my responsibilities very seriously. I had a lot of rules and wasn’t afraid to enforce them. I (“I” really means “we”) wanted to create a great kid and a wonderful person. I wanted her to have a heart for God and follow Him with
passion. I wanted her to find joy and her calling. My prayers were for her to reflect the love of Christ and represent him well. With all the “wisdom” I hoped to impart to her, many times, she was the teacher and I the student. Did I mention that I was not at all proficient in handling a kid who was so much like me and even more like her Daddy? Did I tell you that combination could be wonderful and scary at the same time??

Fast forward through 26 years
I should write and advice column for all the great things my Mother and OTHER Mothers taught me, and all the ways a “village” helped raise this wonderful person I call my “Kitty.” This beautiful, loving, giving woman is the result of a loving God and his faithfulness to take our meager efforts and turn them into his wonderful creation. Our prayers to raise a godly person who has great faith and strong convictions were answered. Our prayers continue to be answered.

So this is my gift to you all for Mother’s Day. Skip the card shop. Write your Mother a note. Tell her how much you love her – don’t wait. 
If you and your Mother have issues, put them aside for now. If your Mother has passed (I’m so very sorry), write her a note. (Remember that she loved you more than life itself and she wants you to have a wonderful life. I think all Mother’s would agree with that). 
Sunday is the day to start a new and improved relationship with your Mother. It is the day to remember you didn’t come with a manual and your Mom most likely didn’t have a clue what she was getting into or doing! Be grateful – wherever you are, whatever the situation, because it’s good for you. And it’s good for all those around you who are watching….remember this little song:

Be careful little eyes what you see
Be careful little ears what you hear
Be careful little mouth what you say

If you, Mother, have a daughter who is or will be a Mother, or if your daughter has chosen a different path, encourage her and pray for her. If you have issues, lay them down. For goodness sakes, YOU ARE THE MOTHER. There is no time like the present to give forgiveness or ask for forgiveness (even if you don’t feel you are in the wrong) and teach your daughter, and those around you, that you can show grace and share unconditional love for those you love – and show forgiveness. These are great traits to have. Great traits to teach. Great traits to demonstrate. Forgiveness does more for you than you can imagine.

Now, for a more personal message -
I love you, my Kitty! You are the greatest gift your Daddy and I have ever been given. We love you more than words can express. We are so very proud of you and who you are. We are moved by your faith and your passion to follow your faith. We are amazed at the wonderful and loving wife you are to WD. We are excited that one day you will be a Mother (and my guess is - you’ll be GREAT at it). We love, love, love you!

I love you! I miss you and I can’t wait to see you every time we get to be together. I love when you call me. I love our relationship. I will always be proud to be your Mommie Pie.

My prayer for Ash -
Thank you, God, for the blessing, the gift, of Ashley Elizabeth Bradford Ramsey. Please protect her and lead her. Show her Your ways and Your path for her life. Give her great wisdom and a love for others.

And my prayer for you -
And Father, I pray this same prayer for all the Mothers and Daughters who will read this. I pray for a holy change and strengthening of their relationships. I pray for reconciliation and restoration. I pray they will feel a fresh, new excitement for the gift of family. I pray they feel YOUR great love on this and every day. And I pray they decide to devote themselves to following you.

To my Momma –
I love you! I am so glad I will get to be with you on Mother’s Day. I am so blessed to have you for my Momma. Thank you for loving me and being such a loving Nana to Ash.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Shaye Snider Bradford
“Mommie Pie”

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