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Thursday, May 10, 2012

To some of the Mothers who changed my life:

Thank you for teaching me how to be a a wise woman, with a calm and loving spirit. Thank you for always showing your faith through the way you treat people. I love the memories I have of learning to cross stitch, painting ceramics, cooking, thrift store shopping, milkshakes, pancakes, and VBS. You always found a way to encourage my creativity and shared my love of making stuff. I love that all my Christmas memories are at your house, from my first doll house, to getting engaged. I love you so much, thank you for helping me become who I am today.

Nanny Bradford,
I wish I had gotten more time to know you. Thank you for teaching me to love vegetables, how to grow food. You were always so kind to everyone and I love that you were always so glad to see me. You made an impact on everyone who ever knew you and I hope that I can leave a legacy like that one day too. I love you.

Nannie Goodwin,
Thank you for being an artist. Thank you for being a hardworking woman who was strong enough to stand up for herself and her family. Thank you for showing me that I should never stop learning and creating.

Aunt Peggy,
I love that we share so many common interests and love spending time just talking over coffee. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, and for always being so thoughtful. I am so glad you are like another grandmother to me, always encouraging and believing in me.

Mrs. Pam Kirkland,
Thank you for making me play outside and to wash my own plate. Your family gave me the closest thing I ever had to siblings, and that helped me to not be a weird only child. You've shown me how to raise a family that has fun and works together as a team.Thank you for raising daughters who forever changed me and are loyal and wonderful friends, just like you.

Mrs. G,
Thank you for caring about me as a student, and encouraging me to become an artist. Thank you for showing me the influence a teacher can have on the lives of students, and showing Christ's love to EVERYONE. Thank you for teaching me how to forgive, and show kindness to people, even after they have hurt you. Thank you for being my mentor and teaching me how to teach. You believed in me and encouraged me, and I miss seeing you every day.

Mrs. Ellen Beal,
Thank you for always seeing the good in people, setting an example of not holding people's pasts against them. You have always shown Christ's love to everyone you meet, and taught me that to love is not a decision based on someones behavior, but a commandment that we are to obey. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love when my mom and I did not have a strong relationship.

Thank you for raising a son who is such a wonderful husband. He is more than I ever dreamed the Lord could have for me. You taught him to be independent, considerate, self-sufficient, patient, and responsible. Thank you for welcoming me into your big, fun family, and sharing your traditions with me.

The Mothers of My Friends,
I consider my friendships to be so special. Thank you for teaching your daughters to be who they are: Loyal, honest, kind, funny, encouraging, and reliable. I appreciate you because they have changed my life and I know they are who they are because of you.

Sorry for any grammatical errors, every time I read it I started to cry...

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